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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello ,
i think the school gets students every morning is to help the students improved their English language .Yes ,ido like it as I get time to read the book I like as when i am at home ,I am so busy that i do not have a reading period of time .Yes ,I do like reading .I like to read Enid Blyton's book but i have already stop reading his book as I want to read a different kind of book as i want to progress in my reading .Yes ,reading will help me in my school as it can improved my English .The school can borrow the pupils books from the libary as if they do not have a book to read ,these books can help them to improved their language .i like to recommend you with Scott O ' Dell as it is a very nice story !

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Hi ,
The activities that I join outside the school are ,music and tuition .I spent 1hour on piano and 2hours on every subject .once a week .I am involved in music as my mother wants me to play the piano when i am feeling stress and if my studies is bad ,I can also teach music as my job when I grow up .then for the tuition ,it is to improved my studies .I think these activities are necessary for me .i think these activities affect my studies as music can help me relax and tuition help me improved in my studies so that I can do better in school .For tuition ,yes,I will feel stressed but for music no .In my opinion ,i think pupils should be involved in activities as if they want to improved in it ,this will be their chance to improved .

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dear Journal ,
I have thought to myself what will I defend .
I will defend :
- My mother when my father quarrels with her .
- My pet rabbit when my father threatens to roast it !
- My favourite donut when my mother tries to eat it .
- My soft toys when my parents tries to throw them away .
- My friends when someone tries to hurt them .

But I think the most important thing i want to defend is my country ,because without this country there would not be my family and without my family there would not be me

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