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Friday, June 27, 2008

Hallo ,do you remember that Sa2 examinations is coming ?Hope you remember !!!I have did badly for almost all the subjects in Sa1 ,and I have already told myself to buck up for Sa2 .Now I am busy doing homework from school and from tuition too .I also have to do the assesment that my mother bought for me .My mother told me that next year will be bussier than this whole year ,and this year is to prepare us for next year PSLE .I have a tuget ,and it is to get 75 for all subjects .I will be bucking up now .
GoOdByE !!!

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Hello ,do you know that Father's Day is coming ,I am sure you all now about it .Now I am still thinking about what should I buy for my father .I am thinking of making a card for him but for the present I don't know what to buy for him ,and I will think from now onwards .When Father's Day comes one whole family will go for dinner together ,to celebrate Father's Day ,and I will give my father a kiss and a hug and it made him very happy already ,and when he smile ,I would be happy too !!!
Byeee byeee !!!

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HaLlO !!
My parents have already told me where are we going in the June holidays ,and we are going to Melbourne Australia ,from 8 of June to 15 .I am very happy to go on a trip !!!I have already pack some things in my laugage ,six more days later I will be leaving Singapore ,and I will be sad to leave my grandparents in Singapore .My parents ,also say that it will be very cold there so they bought for me lots of jackets for me .I will be looking forward to go to Melbourne Australia .

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello again ...
It is very sad to hear that alot of people died from the earthquake in Sichuan ,I have watched the charity show and I didn't cry but I felt very sad for them .I didn't donate any money but because I am a christian I prayed for them and thanks the lord for keeping Singapore safe .I donated 60 -cents in school and I am very glad that at least I donated some money .I pray that there will be no more earthquake in Sichuan again .
GOODBYE !!!!!!

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Hi ,it's me Mariel blogging again !!!!!!

The news is talking about HFMD ,HFMD is the short form of Hand ,Food and mouth disease .There is alot of cases in Singapore .Mr Tan our principle told us that when we are sick we must informed our teacher .Mr Tan also remind all the teachers that they must check our hands everyday .Mr Tan also reminded us that after going to the toilet ,we must wash our hands with soap ,and before we eat we also must wash our hands . I did what Mr Tan said ,because I am afraid of having HFMD .BYE BYE !!!

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Hello ,I am going to talk about friendship today !!!!!
Friendship is a very important thing to me ,and I will treasure all of my friends ,and I will not regret being friends with them I will try not to do something wrong that will make them sad .Whem they are sad ,I will cheer them up ,and when they are down ,I will encourage them .Without friends it is very lonely because there is no one to talk with ,so that is why I treasure my friends .I like all my friends !!!!!

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Hi , I am very happy that I can blog again !!!!!!
I have thought of my dreams of what I want to be when I grow up .
I want my dreams to come true so I have been practicing very hard for it ,and I want to be a piano teacher when I grow up .I am now still grade 1 and I will be grade 3 this year .For piano I got to finish grade 8 then I can be a piano teacher .I use to play piano when my parents scold me or when I am feeling sad ,and that made me feel better .I started piano when I was in primary 1 and I love playing it .

I will never regret learning piano !!!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mother's day is coming and i have prepare the presents for my mother ,the present that I bought for my Mother is a cup ,and I have also written a card for my mother .Every Mother's Day we always go out for dinner and celebrate Mother's Day .If I want to give my mother a Mother's Day present ,I would hide it in her room and she must find it herself ,and if she finds it I will give her a hug and a kiss .I LOVE MY MOTHER VERY MUCH !!!!!!!

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Hallo again !!!!
Today I will be talking about the canteen food in our school .
I would think that the canteen food is nice !!! The food that I like is Laksa ,it is sold in stall number 4 ,but the food that I like best is also in stall number 4 and it is Curry chicken mee .It is only sold on Tuesday and Thursday .When it is sold on Tuesday and Thursday ,alot of pupils will queue up on stall number 4 .Most of the pupils will buy Curry chicken mee , I am also one of them who will queue up for Curry chicken mee on both days .

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