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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hi ,
Finally I have the time to talk about Primary 5 camp .This is the first time that I have gone camping .I had a fun time playing the games there .My Group ,7-up played Abseiling , how I wish I can choose the game myself because i wanted to play Flying Fox ,but after playing Abseiling I find that the game is nice to play ,but it is scary when you climb down the wall . My friends and I took the fourth storey and when I look down , I feel extremly scared .I like the food in camp and I like our group's instructor .After eating dinner ,we went for the camp fire.my group dance there ,and we have a fun time .After the camp fire, we went back to our hut to sleep. When we was about to sleep , one bee came into our hut and we screamed so loud that the instructors have to ask us to keep quiet .The floor in our hut is so hard that when i lie down on it ,my back hurts .I thought that I could'nt sleep ,but among my friends ,I slept first .At night my friends tried to wake me up to chat but they could'nt wake me up as I slept like a pig .In the morning ,me and my friends woke up at 6.30 ,and we packed our bags .I am sad to leave the camp ,but I will never forget this memorable experience .

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